I think I was doing 40 in a 30 and went through a speed camera. 


  • Old chap: Why don't you have a boyfriend?
  • Me: I don't know, have you seen my face?
  • Old chap: It's a lovely face, I'm surprised someone hasn't snapped you up.

On a side note, my faith in males is not all lost. Still hanging in there.

Note to the douchebag:

Due to your actions, my boss is now screaming at me about what you did. Do me a fucking favour and fuck off.



Been asked out on a date.
Hahahahahha Hahahahahahahah

"He has a private affection for you."

— Ben


Reasons I am mad at you.

1. You totally forgot my birthday, using the excuse of being really busy is actually a shit one because, in case you haven’t noticed I am too. I managed to organise your friends, your present (which fitted you), your cake and transport all BEFORE your actual birthday.

2. You forgot to buy me cake. It’s my most favourite thing ever. I LOVE CAKE. You would know this if you paid any attention to me. 

3. You forgot to buy my present before the trip out. THEY ARE A SIZE TOO BIG. YOU SENT KIERAN FOR FUCKS SAKE. I now have to change them! When am I supposed to do that?! O AND I HAD TO PAY FOR MY OWN PRESENT. THANKS. 

4. Please stop pretending you give a shit about me. You only give a shit when you remember I exist. You didn’t notice I had left and didn’t bother checking I was alive the next morning. Instead you rang me and talked about your ex for 45mins. Pretty sure that if you actually cared about me as much as you keep telling everyone, you would have been bothered that I disappeared at 3am.

5. You called me a terrible person. After the stuff I did for you that day and just in general, thanks. Seriously, I really appreciate being called a terrible person.

6. But mostly I am mad at myself for thinking that maybe because you keep saying stuff like ‘I really care for you’ and ‘I love you more than you will ever know’ you might actually do something amazing for me. I was stupid and wrong.


House of Holland, Resort


House of Holland, Resort

copperbluechey said: Boys are just BIG trouble!!!

Tell me about it (!) 



Great #upholstery work. #velvet #chenilles #embroidery #interiordecor #fabricstore www.rexfabrics.com


Great #upholstery work. #velvet #chenilles #embroidery #interiordecor #fabricstore www.rexfabrics.com


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